The Board

21st (2020-2023)Director and Supervisor

Board of Directors and Supervisors, the 21st Council (term 2020-2023) of TPTA New Directors and Supervisors for the 21st Council of TPTA were elected on March 14, 2020 in accordance with the Constitution of the Taiwan Physical Therapy Association. The first Board Meeting of the 21st Council took place on March 22, 2020 to elect Executive Directors and Executive Supervisor, and Professor Wendy TJ Wang was nominated and elected as the President of the TPTA for the term 2020-2023.

President Professor Wendy TJ Wang
Vice President Assistant Professor Shih-Fen Hsiao
Executive Director Professor Suh-Fang Jeng
Mr. Wen-Jen Chieng
Assistant Professor Shih-Fen Hsiao
Associate Professor Pay-Shin Lin
Assistant Professor Yuan-Hung Chao
Professor Jiu-Jenq Lin
Director Associate Professor Mei-Wun Tsai
Professor Yi-Fen Shih
Associate Professor Hong-Ji Luo
Associate Professor Meng-Yueh Chien
Associate Professor Chi-Ming Chen
Associate Professor Hsuei-Chen Lee
Associate professor Yi-Ju Tsai
Associate Professor Li-Chiou Chen
Associate Professor Chih-Hsiu Cheng
Associate Professor Cheng-Ya Huang
Professor  Shu-Feng Wang
Mr. Yueh-Chen Cheng
Ms. Fang-Yu Lin
Ms. Chien-Ting Hung
Alternate Director Associate Professor Chiung-Yu Cho
Assistant Professor Pei-Yun Lee
Executive Supervisor Mr. Ching-Bin Liao
Supervisor Ms. Mei-Mang Chu
Associate Professor Hua-Fang Liao
Professor Jau-Hong Lin
Associate Professor Chih-Feng Lin
Mr. Justin Chen
Mr. Yu-Chi Ou
Alternate Supervisor Mr. Po-Kai Yang
Secretary General Professor Yea-Ru Yang